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Chef demos

The greatest Belgian chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers and young talents follow one another in the Pastry Show demonstration area to present their best chocolate recipes.

Take a seat and learn tips, techniques and how to create your own chocolate delights from the masters!

Thanks to Institut Roger Lambion for its professionalism and assistance during the demonstrations.

 Programme – Friday, March 2

11am-12noon: M. Vandepoel and the students from Institut Roger Lambion – “Réalisation de praliné artisanal”

12noon – 1pm: Didier Smeets

1pm-2pm: Line Couvreur, Les Filles 

2pm-3pm: Jacques Danthine, La Meilleure Jeunesse and Sikou – “Moelleux au chocolat / Nougat glacé au marron”

 Programme – Saturday, March 3

11am-12noon: Vincent Vervisch

12noon-1pm: Eric Fernez, D’Eugénie à Emilie**

1pm-2pm: Roland Debuyst, Bistro R

3pm-4pm: Michel Van Caulewaert, Le Pilori

4pm-5pm: Nadia Sammut, Auberge La Fenière*

 Programme – Sunday, March 4

11am-12noon: Darling’s Cupcakes

12noon-1pm: Olivier Vanklemput, Viva M’Boma -“La cuisine d’abats et le chocolat, une longue histoire”

1pm-2pm: Julien Lapraille

2pm-4pm: Pierre Marcolini, Jean-Philippe Darcis & Cédric De Taeye

3pm-4pm: Isabelle Arpin, Louise 345

4pm-5pm: Jean-Philippe Watteyne, iCook & Tien Chin Chi, L’Esprit Bouddha – “Bière, Chine et chocolat”