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Expositions & Happenings

Choco Story Brussels

Choco Story Brussels, the Brussels Chocolate Museum, was taking you on an incredible journey to the heart of a cacao plantation! Strapped on a virtual reality headset, you were able to set sail for the Ivory Coast or Vietnam. Once you had chosen your destination, a local guide was taking you around the cacao plantation, explaining how they harvest and process the beans in their country and showing you how people incorporate cacao into their lives. This virtual tour was a collaboration with the “Cacao Trace” programme by Belcolade.
After your visit, you had the opportunity to taste the cacao from these plantations, as well as the chocolate made from these wonderful beans.

Sculpture and chocolate

On the exhibition “Here, we eat with our hands”, students of the Executive Master Food Design (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels) were revealing about fifteen chocolate sculptures reinterpreting food gestures.
In partnership with Callebaut.

Pastry and fashion

La Cucina delle Zie was taking you on a tour of seven showpieces inspired by the Italian masters who revolutionised the world of pastry with their creativity, breaking all the rules. You were able to explore the deep link between cake design and contemporary art – especially fashion.

Contest TBCH

A competition was organised by The Belgian Chocolate House to win 10 magnificent boxes of pralines.

Valentine’s Day Exposition

Valentine’s Day is a source of inspiration for the chocolatiers of Salon du Chocolat! They showed their masterpieces on the dedicated exhibition – with the participation of Belgian Chocolate Village, Leonidas, Manufacture des Rêves gourmands, Sigoji and Studio Arty Cake. 

Valentine’s Day Photo booth

A photo booth was available so you were able to take a picture with your Valentine and to participate in the contest to win a delicious Sigoji chocolate box!

Sample distribution

Some samples of “Delicata”, the new colourful range of chocolates by Delhaize, were distributed for free at the entrance of the Salon.