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The Chocolate Fashion Show

Glamorous, indulgent and ravishing, the Chocolate Fashion Show showcased around a dozen spectacular creations dreamed up by duos of Belgian chocolatiers and designers. These creations have been revealed at the avant-première during the Opening Night (Thursday 13th February) and then presented every day of the Salon at a 5 PM fashion show.

The duos chocolatiers-designers of the 2020 fashion show :

  • Belcolade& Ndaya Baby Arrion, Haute École Francisco Ferrer
  • Belcolade&Camila Banegas Espada, Haute École Francisco Ferrer
  • Institut Émile Gryzon Institut Bischoffsheim
  • La Cucina delle Zie Débora Velasquez
  • Leonidas (Master ChocolatierDaniel Stallaert)
  • Millésime Chocolat Giovanni Biasiolo
  • Valentino Chocolatier & Sixtine Anne de Molina
  • Valrhona Max Grogna, Haute École Francisco Ferrer
  • Van Dender Melissa Martin Ciudad

Before the fashion show, visitors were able to see a retrospective of some of the greatest dresses created for the Salon du Chocolat Paris by Jean-Paul Hévin Paule KaHasnaâ Ferreira Elise MartimortFrançois Daubinet for Fauchon Elsa Muse, Hasnaâ Ferreira & Jérémie Pujo, Stéphane Bonnat & Angélique Godey, Christophe Bertrand & Nicolas Morin À La Reine Astrid & L’Atelier Flory Brisset et l’Atelier Thiery.

Special thanks to our partners:
Make Up For Ever – Official Make-up Partner – www.makeupforever.be
Athénée Royal de la Rive Gauche – Official Hair Stylist  www.ar-rivegauche.be
Haute École Francisco Ferrer he-ferrer.eu