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Cocoa-producing countries, right in the heart of Brussels

The show gave its visitors a panorama of cocoa’s diverse origins thanks to the exceptional presence of Jamaica, Madagascar and the Dominican Republic who presented their regions and their chocolates.
Choco Story Brussels, the Chocolate Museum in Brussels, took adults and children alike on a journey through the heart of cocoa plantations with a virtual reality tour into the Ivory Coast or Vietnam, developed alongside with the “Cacao Trace” programme by Belcolade.

On the Madagascar Pavilion, you were able to make 12 mini-bars using single-origin chocolate, pairing the legendary Madagascar chocolate with kaffir lime.
You had the opportunity to talk to a passionate chocolate team while moulding and customising your bars – using whatever ingredients you like.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic offered chocolate tasting sessions, hot chocolate and rum-chocolate pairings.

Jamaica presented 4 Jamaican chocolate makers, who work directly from bean to bar with local products.