The Opening Night 2018-01-15T11:41:46+00:00

The Opening Night

Discover your favourite stars in chocolate outfits and experience the Salon du Chocolat in preferential conditions …

while supporting a good cause?

It is now possible! The Salon du Chocolat in Brussels opens the doors of its inaugural evening on Thursday 1st March in favour of Televie.
Télévie was founded in 1989 and aims to fund research to fight leukaemia and cancer in children and adults. Information on https://televie.be


7:00 pm Welcome and Preview of the show

8:00 pm Chocolate Fashion Show

The duos of chocolatiers and fashion designers:

Laurent Gerbaud & Patou Saint Germain,

Didier Smeets & Maxime Edward Royen,

Valentino & Sixtine Anne de Molina,

Sigoji & Lara Van Ootegem,

Jérôme Grimonpon & Alexa Doctorow,

l’Institut Émile Gryzon & Goha Gabrielyan,

Pralibel, Van Dender & Ecole Helmo,

Nadia Flecha Guazo, Newtree (Arnaud Eeckhout) & Mélissa Martin Ciudad,

L’Alchimie du Chocolat (Kevin Flener et Géraldine Jonné) & Laura Moulin – HEFF (Haute École Francisco Ferrer).

Price: € 20 per person

Pre-sales only