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The present charter outlines the online commitments on the part of CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA and the legal information concerning the site that you are currently visiting.

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Legal information


The company’s head office is located at 15 RUE PIERRE FATIO

This site is hosted by PUSH IT UP, the head office of which is located at:

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General points

Text and photos are non-binding. The information provided on this site is subject to change without any notice or notification.

Personal data

In order to offer you the most appropriate services we may need to ask you to provide personal data. Depending on the services to which you subscribe, you will be asked to provide certain information, some of which will be compulsory, some optional. CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA is committed to respecting your privacy. EVENT INTERNATIONAL agrees to take all necessary precautions to ensure the security of the information you provide and notably to prevent it from being distorted, corrupted or transmitted to any third parties (without your prior consent).

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Intellectual property

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Site availability

CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA agrees to make every effort to ensure that users can access the site at all times. CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA cannot be held responsible in the event of the site being unavailable, regardless of the reason for said unavailability.


CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA would remind Internet-users of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet network and disclaims all responsibility for the consequences of them connecting to this network via this site. More specifically, CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA cannot be held responsible for any material or consequential damage caused to Internet-users, their IT equipment or the data stored thereupon, or for any consequences that may affect their personal, professional or commercial activity as a result.

CHOCOLOCO INTERNATIONAL SA cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from accessing the site or, on the contrary, the inability to access it.

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