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Chef demos

The greatest Belgian chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers and young talents follow one another in the Pastry Show demonstration area to present their best chocolate recipes.

Take a seat and learn tips, techniques and how to create your own chocolate delights from the masters!

Demonstrations are presented in French or Dutch.

Thanks to Institut Roger Lambion for its professionalism and assistance during the demonstrations.

 Programme – Friday, March 2

11am-12noon: Institut Roger Lambion

1pm-2pm: Line Couvreur, Les Filles Plaisirs Culinaires

2pm-3pm: La Meilleure Jeunesse fête 25 ans

 Programme – Saturday, March 3

11am-12noon: Vincent Vervisch

12noon-1pm: Eric Fernez, D’Eugénie à Emilie**

1pm-2pm: Roland Debuyst

3pm-4pm: Michel Van Caulewart, Le Pilori

4pm-5pm: Nadia Sammut

 Programme – Sunday, March 4

11am-12noon: Darling’s Cupcake, Cupcake et compagnies

12noon-1pm: Olivier Vanklemput, Chef of Viva M’Boma

1pm-2pm: Julien Lapraille

2pm-4pm: Pierre Marcolini, Jean-Philippe Darcis & Cédric De Taeye

3pm-4pm: Isabelle Arpin, WY Brussels*

4pm-5pm: Jean-Philippe Watteyne (iCook) & Tien Chin Chi