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Beer & Chocolate

When hops meets cocoa …

This year’s show will highlight beer and chocolate pairings, two iconic products of the Belgian culinary culture.

On a dedicated space and during three days, the famous brand Duvel will offer tastings in association with Jitsk Chocolates and in the presence of beer sommelier Brecht Terryn. Recipes and round tables on beer and chocolate pairings will also be held throughout the event by sector specialists and craft brewers.

Duvel Moortgat is a family brewery of specialty beers. Quality and taste are of utmost importance for them. With their beers they can make several very interesting combinations with the chocolate creations of the top chocolatier JITSK. He makes thoughtful flavor combinations with a lot of passion, whichform a perfect marriage with our different types of quality beers.


The Duvel is the flagship of our brewery, this exceptional beer has a subtle bitterness, a refined aroma and a pronounced taste of hops. The unique brewing process takes 90 days.

Duvel Tripel Hop

For Duvel Tripel Hop, our brewers have selected a third variety of hops, alongside our two permanent hops: Citra. The extra hops enrich the typical taste of Duvel with fresh notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit.

Tripel d’Anvers

Tripel d’Anvers is a real Belgian triple with more than just a touch of Antwerp style. Bold, generous and with plenty of attitude. A beer full of enjoyment. Take in the spicy aroma with hints of orange zest and coriander, complemented by a full-bodied aftertaste.

Cherry Chouffe

The nose of this delicious fruity beer is filled with aromas of cherries but also strawberry, marzipan and sweet port. Cherry Chouffe has a slightly sweet taste of red cherries, a hint of almond and a subtle spiciness. The warm aftertaste ends with a sweet bitterness.

Liefmans Fruitesse On The Rocks

This light-red aperitif beer is best enjoyed in an elegant and original glass, specially created by Liefmans. Enjoy fresh, intense aromas of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, elderberry and blueberry.

Liefmans Yell’oh On The Rocks

Prepare to be dazzled by its exotic mix of lime, apple, elderflower, basil and pineapple. And for truly irresistible refreshment? Try serving it on the rocks!